Prostate orgasm: how to stimulate the prostate?

Often unknown and still taboo, the orgasm of the prostate can yet cause a pleasure even more intense than the orgasm felt at the time of ejaculation. Prostate stimulator or duo massage, how can prostatic stimulation be part of new and fulfilling sexuality?

Prostate orgasm, how to achieve it?

Still, taboo practice, prostatic stimulation to achieve a male orgasm of another kind is primarily dependent on the knowledge and localization of this sexual gland.

Identify the prostate

The prostate is a small gland of the human reproductive system located internally between the penis and anus, at the front of the rectum. Often mentioned in an unhappy context, to the extent that many men are affected by prostate cancer, the prostate has a lot of fun:

  • It secretes the pre-seminal fluid and thus promotes sexual intercourse on the one hand, and reproduction on the other.
  • Stimulation of the prostate provides a deep ecstatic state in humans as the orgasm reached at the time of ejaculation. In this context, the man – like the woman who can have a vaginal or clitoral orgasm – has at her disposal several ways of access to sexual pleasure.

The small gland at the origin of the prostate orgasm is not visible but can feel quickly by introducing a finger into the anus of the man.

Orgasm prostate manual

Once localized, the prostate can be a source of intense pleasure. Two ways to achieve this:

  • In manual, the digital rectal examination must be performed for gentle prostate stimulation, like a message.
  • With the help of specific sex toys, type stimulator of the prostate.

A sex toy to discover prostate stimulation

Because the practice is taboo or because the partner refuses it by modesty, the prostate stimulator is a useful tool to tame prostatic orgasm gently. Ergonomic, it allows performing a massage at point P, until reaching the expected sexual pleasure. For better comfort, it is customary to use a lubricant.

By trying to discover the orgasm of the prostate in solo with the prostate stimulator, the man can then go further and share this experience with his partner, during their sexual intercourse.

Stimulation of the prostate in solo or duo

Beyond the prostate stimulator, prostatic orgasm is performed by rectal examination – solo or delivered by the partner – or by anal penetration during sodomy as part of a homosexual relationship. Sexual pleasure is stimulated through a step-by-step massage: pressure stimulation on the perineal area, then anal massage with a lubricant and finally prostatic stimulation in itself to the orgasm of the prostate, always smoothly. For optimal comfort, the man takes the position of the rifle dog or lies on his back with his legs bent.

Like the female orgasm, the prostatic orgasm is not reached every time; it sometimes requires perseverance. Some experience can condition the success of prostate stimulation, and be the result of several attempts.

Prostate stimulation to explore a new sexuality

prosrate orgasm

When practiced in duo, prostatic stimulation sometimes requires a favorable context: prior communication, hygiene precautions – anal shower in particular – sufficient lubrication. The man, in any case, must be relaxed.

Indeed, the prostatic orgasm, very associated with homosexual practice, can put off some men that modesty restricts. However, anal penetration is not reserved for women and homosexuals, especially since the point P is a reality that has every interest not to remain unexplored: enjoy without ejaculating can cause sexual pleasure all the stronger.

Adding spice to your partner, boosting your libido or merely offering the partner a different type of prostate orgasm, there are many reasons to practice prostate stimulation.

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