Know the 6 industries that move the most money globally

We have made a list with the most prolific sectors. Of course, if you plan to join any of them, keep in mind that the majority gets their income illegally.

1. Drugs: The narcotics trafficking market is “insanely huge”. According to data from the Office of Drugs and Organized Crime of the United Nations, this industry, the jewel in the crown of illicit businesses, moves no less than US $ 300,000 million per year. If it were a country, the GDP of this black market would be ranked 21, just after Sweden.

2. Prostitution: This industry moves no less than US $ 108,000 million every year. Sexual exploitation contributes, and much to that figure: globally, a single woman forced to prostitute saves her boss around US $ 250,000 per year. “Who needs business schools when you can build an empire of prostitutes?”

3. Armament: Governments around the world spend billions every year on tanks, artillery and all kinds of military weapons. In 2007, global spending exceeded one trillion dollars, and the number does not stop rising. In fact, it is expected to increase to 1.15 trillion by 2018.

  1. Banking: The recent liquidity crisis precipitated the profits of the 1,000 largest banks in the world to some US $ 115,000 million. However, some of these entities keep up to US $ 800 billion in assets in their vaults. If this continues, the banking sector may be the first to introduce the quadrillion concepts. After all, in life as in the game, the bank always wins.

    5. Oil: The oil market, like the raw material itself, is “vast, slippery and opaque,” and it is impossible to be sure of how much money it actually moves. Some estimates point to about US $ 2.5 billion.

    6. Pornography: Although legal, as with prostitution, it is difficult to know for sure the true size of this market. The porn industry could have moved about US $ 97,000 million in 2006, according to some estimates. Internet has undoubtedly contributed to the end of this prolific sector: it is estimated that every second of the day there is an average of 28,000 users consulting online porn only in the US especially on some unique genres such as gang bang and Live sex cams.


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