Can You Hire an Escort in Sydney?

You can hire an escort in Sydney and not have to worry about a thing. It is completely legal and part of an industry that has had a long history in Australia and more specifically New South Wales. It wasn’t always legal and the law was only changed a few times over the years before it reached its current state.

Sydney’s Escort Service History

For a long time, sex work was put under one large umbrella. It comes from a time when things were far simpler and most of the time, an escort, would simply be a prostitute. However, as society modernized, this changed and the escort service industry that we know was born. Escort services still fall under sex workers and are governed by the same legislation, but they no longer have to operate in the shadows and can register like any legitimate business.

The first major change happened in 1979 when the Prostitution Act was passed. This act decriminalized sex work, but it did not have far-reaching effects and for all practical purposes, it was still illegal to be a sex worker – including an escort. At this time the escort industry was already the modern industry that it is today, which meant professionals had to worry about the police arresting them while out with a client.

NSW was the first province to introduce decriminalization and already at that stage escort services were able to operate without the fear of persecution. Eventually, the Summary Offences Act was passed, which allowed escorts and other sex workers to register their businesses and to operate legally. There are limitations to this act, including soliciting in certain public areas, but it is in line with basic human rights and public decency.

What does an escort do?

Within reason, anything you want. This does include sex, but it doesn’t have to, and the escort themselves does not have any obligation to sleep with you. You pay for an escorts time, not for what actions they perform. If you want them to do certain things, you can ask them, and most of the time they will accept because they also want to satisfy their customer. As long as you have respect for your escort, your escort will have your time together very special.

There are usually two parts to a complete escort experience, an event and then an intimate session. It all depends on how long you are willing to pay for the escort because their time isn’t cheap. The event is where the professional side of escort services is highlighted. You may need a date to a certain function or you may just want to explore Sydney with someone special. Escorts are a way to turn a previously boring event into something fun, spontaneous, and unique.

There are plenty of escort services to choose from in Sydney, so you won’t struggle to find the perfect escort for you. If you are looking for Female Escorts Sydney, then you will have a large list of ladies to choose from, no matter your preference.

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