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With age comes technique

These days you can find a lot of different dating sites, from the more traditional ones to the most obscure niches out there. One of those niches which is gaining a lot of popularity is older women dating younger men. It is not just MILFs neither, but also considerably older women. It is often called Granny dating, and it is certainly not for everyone. However like a lot of things in life, you can’t knock it until you’ve tried it yourself.

Why date a granny?

Even though the media tends to make people desire younger women, there are actually a whole lot of people from older generations which still have great sex appeal. You might not think it but the singer Madonna is now 58 years old, that is almost granny age right there. When you look at her, it doesn’t feel like she is getting any older. Of course she is rich and famous so she does go through some sort of plastic surgery, but she is not the only woman who still looks good for her age. There are in fact many older women out there who still look great, and this beauty can sometimes easily fool us; in a good way of course.

Experience is great

This is the thing about dating older women: they know quite a lot about pleasing men. In fact they have way more experience than younger women, and this really shows when it comes down to having a bit of a naughty time with them. They have better technique, showing you things you’ve never seen before; and they can read you very well so they know whether you are having a good time or not. It is that mix of technique and psychological experience which can lead to the best time ever. You might think you’ve seen it all, but just wait until you’ve had sex with an older woman, it really opens a whole bunch of new perspectives. The great news is that there are now dating sites such as grannycontacts.com which specialize in meeting older women, so that experience is only a few clicks away!

Taking the lead

Some men are just fed up of always taking the lead when having sex, and they want someone to show them a good time. This is what you get when you have sex with older women, they really take charge and guide you through an awesome sex journey. Sex should be relaxing after all, so it is awesome to see women taking the lead so you can actually blow off some steam and just ride along with the flow. Again, you need to try it to understand it.

Wanting hugs

A lot of men have some special attachment to their mothers, and this can show in the bedroom department. For many different reasons, men enjoy getting hugged by a woman, preferably by hiding their head into their breast. Whilst it doesn’t always feel special to do that with a younger woman, having an older lady hugging you and comforting you is sometimes just what you need. So there we go, here are some of the reasons why younger men might be interested in dating older women, and even though it might be strange to some, it does seem to make a whole lot of sense in many ways.

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