The biggest problems in running security for a network of escort agencies and clubs were never what people thought they would be. The common expectation was that drunk, stoned or angry clients would be the problem, creating havoc for all around them, starting violence and trouble and generally being difficult. But that was not it. Or the staff and girls, who had all sorts of opportunities to cheat, defraud and cause problems for their employer. But is was not that either. It is the unexpected and the indirect competition.

If you are running escort agencies or clubs, disruptive clients can be dealt with by a well trained security team and good systems. That meant knowing what signs to look for so that you could prevent trouble before it happened. In an Ibiza escort agency it meant the clients that were too easy over fees, if everything looks to good to be true, then there is trouble ahead. Clients who keep changing their contact details. That is never a good sign. Clients who will not take no for an answer from the receptionist. They will treat the girl even worse. Clients who demand narcotics. The signs are easy to spot and a good system and well trained receptionists will be able to deal with them.

In a club, the signs of trouble are really easy to spot. The clients that start to get too loud. The ones that order more drinks than they could handle. The men who go to the toilet too often and look increasingly confused or excited. A well trained security team will spot those sorts of things a mile away. And deal with them in a way that does not involve noise, disruption or violence.

Staff and suppliers cheating and stealing from you is a problem in any business. If you run an office, people steal pens. If you are a software company, people will steal your ideas and write their own projects during company time. If you run an escort agency, girls will extend their time with the client without telling you and keep the money. If you run a lap dancing club, the girls will sell sex against your strict policy. Or they will arrange to meet the client privately outside the club. And serving staff will always short change both clients and the club, or serve short measures and then steal bottles so that it does not show when you check the numbers. But that is not the really difficult problem. If you can imagine it, then you can deal with it before it happens. It is the things you do not expect, or the things outside your control that cause the real problems.

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