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The Ins and Outs of Voyeurism

With a show of hands tell me, how many of you reading this have ever watched a porn movie? Along with that, how many of you have ever dressed sexy to go clubbing or for your significant other? I’ll bet the majority of you raised your hand for one or the other, of even both you little perverts. Then you all have a little voyeur in you as well as some exhibitionist. Let me explain so you understand where I’m coming from.

Voyeurism in layman’s terms is about being sexually gratified by secretly watching someone engage in a sexual act or by secretly watching someone undressed while you lurk in the shadows not to be detected. In other words, peeping toms are voyeurs. Sure that definition is paraphrased because every dictionary or wikipedia page you search the term in, puts in the same way but with bigger more scientific wording. It’s even been said to be a psycho-sexual mental disorder, crazy right?

Now upon researching, it is written in various places that voyeurism is illegal in at least 12 of the 50 states in the USA, and other states have different wording or punishments for it should the unlucky peeping tom peep in the wrong window.

Though I have to admit, what struck me as weird is that these definitions also mean that anyone that watches porn would be a voyeur, but isn’t buying porn legal in most states? I know, weird right?

We don’t need facts to prove that it is the male species that more often watches porn, and alone on top of it, so it would be correct to say that more men are voyeuristic than women, but we are out there too, and we enjoy porn just as much as the guys.

Along with that line of thinking, we also enjoy the use of our sex toys while we’re engaged in voyeurism, bringing out secret obsessions to climactic ending.

There is the one thing that no one has mentioned in the various definitions, what about when you have an open relationship with your significant other and the two of you are into the swinging lifestyle? When you meet up with another couple or single person for that matter, aren’t all of you voyeurs too since many in that lifestyle enjoy seeing their partners have sexual fun with someone else in the group, not just each other? In that case, fun times can be had by all involved.

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