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Speed date or slow date?


Meeting someone for a date can happen much quicker now that people use the internet to communicate with each other. Before you had to meet people face-to-face whilst now you can quickly chat online with a webcam to see if you’re interested in meeting up. But just because things happen faster doesn’t mean that dating should necessarily be rushed. There are benefits to taking your time, but it seems that being fast also helps capturing the moment; so should you speed up the process or take your time?

Speeding it up.

The amount of time you will spend looking for a partner will depend entirely on what you want to do with them. If you want things to happen quickly then casual adult dating is probably your best bet. You can try a local fuck site and you will see that people there just want to meet for sex, and the quicker they do it the better. The thing with sex is that it is one of those moods which people enjoy served on the moment. You feel horny on the spot and you don’t always want to wait for days before you get lucky as it kills the mood. So if you want things to happen quickly then naughty dating is what you’re looking for; just don’t expect anything long-term.

Take your time

Most serious decisions need more time. If you are looking for a life partner then it is only fair that you take the time not only when you look for them but even during the date. It’s a bit like buying a car: you want it to last so you take the time to look around and you try to find the best deal which ticks most of your boxes. Of course this sounds a bit inhuman but you get the idea, a life partner is not a light hearted decision so it is only fair that you give them more consideration than a casual date. The last thing you want to do is to marry the wrong person as the consequences of doing so can really affect your life for the worse.

Don’t wait too much

In either cases there is something that you should take into account: feelings don’t last forever and the trail can become cold if you don’t move fast enough. If you love someone they might not know it if you take too long to tell them. You might miss out on some opportunities if you take too long to let your feelings be known so there is a cut-off point where you have to make a move. Of course there are many ways you can make that move. If the moment is right then try to kiss that person but if you’re still too shy to do that simply tell them that you really like them. You’re in the process of dating so they will know what you mean; and like you they might be too shy to make the first move. The likeliness is that the two of you like each other anyway or you wouldn’t be talking online through a dating website. Half of the work is already done there, you just need to conclude the sale!

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