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Some Escorts Are Like This

I work with lots of escorts from all over the world. They represent a fair cross section of the female population. Some are hard working, some are lazy. Some are entitled and feel that the world owes them a living. Others have a problem with their self esteem and need constantly bolstering. Some are smart and some are really, really not.

But then there are some that just live up to all the expectations that people have about beautiful young women who make a living from being, well, beautiful young women. There are some of the girls who escort Marbella clients that are very hard work to manage and work with. Let me tell you a story that nicely summarises what my life is sometimes like. Not all of them, but enough for it to be all too familiar to me. Imagine me as a Doctor for a moment.

A stunning and beautifully dressed young escort girl went to the doctor complaining that she was in a lot of pain.

“Where are you hurting?” asked the doctor.

“You have to help me. I hurt all over. Everywhere and everything hurts.” said the beautiful young woman.

“What do you mean all over?” asked the doctor “can you please be a little more specific?”

“I mean everywhere. It does not matter where I touch, it hurts me. It is really painful. You need to help me.” she said.

The doctor asked her to touch her right knee. She reached with her right index finger and screamed “Aargh that hurts!”.

The doctor was intrigues, so he asked her to touch her left cheek. She touched her left cheek and bellowed in a high pitched voice “OW! That hurts too.”

Then her asked he to touch the middle of her tanned left thigh, which was bare beneath her very short mini skirt. “EEK” That hurts too.”

The Doctor started nodding and asked her to touch her right earlobe. “Even THAT hurts!” she exclaimed.

The Doctor looked at her thoughtfully for a moment, considered his words carefully and then said to her in a very calm and patient voice that they must teach at medical school,

“You have a broken finger.”

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