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Love, Marriage, And Also The Baby Carriage

Let’s face it. That baby carriage thing changes everything! About marriage, love, who we are and where we are going. We are all of a sudden Mommy, and for a time, the love and marriage thing takes a back seat.

We are busy!

Trying to figure out feedings, naps, diapers, doctor’s appointments, play dates, etc. fills up our time and our hearts like nothing we have ever experienced.

Love changes and grows!

Not for the man in our life. We still love him deeply, but now we are Mommy! Just when we thought we couldn’t experience true love in any other form, the new baby changes all that! Our love takes on a mode that we could never imagine. Call it our motherly instincts. Whatever it is, it’s a beautiful connection that we have never felt before. Part of us. In another body. It’s all too Incredible for words!

Marriage. The ultimate partnership. Til death do us part. Pretty strong words. For good reason. The marriage relationship doesn’t stay the same. It evolves. It grows. It has pain. It has sorrow. It has happiness beyond belief. It has trust. And now, it encompasses a child. For a while. The child enhances. Embrace the childbearing years. They are special. But, always keep the marriage as the number one priority. Hopefully, that relationship will still be intact and strong when the baby has grown and gone.

Cherish it all!

The baby carriage. If you think your life was rocking before, get ready because it’s swinging now! Most of it unpredictable, some of it undesirable, but all of it a crazy, wild ride that you wouldn’t trade for anything else in the world. Your life is now full of strollers, minivans, play groups, preschool, Mommy groups, sippy cups, and Happy Meals. That baby carriage becomes a slow fade as they begin to grow and you grow too. Self doubts, the need to over-protect, and the long hours with sleepless nights are all part of your transition.

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