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Is lust stronger than love?

When we look at the media and other people around us; we often get told that love is the biggest and most universal feeling in the world. It takes us over and makes us do things that no other feeling ever could; and that is because it is such an overwhelming state of mind that we can hardly control it. But we have to wonder sometimes: are we really doing those things out of love, or is it just infatuation? Beyond those two feeling, we also have to ask ourselves if lust has got anything to do with it. After all, lust can be a very strong feeling too.


What is love?

Like the good old dance music song from the 90’s written by Dr Alban asks: ‘what is love’? Well it seems like we all have a different idea of what love actually is. The truth is that poets and writers have been trying to pinpoint the meaning of love for centuries now; and yet no one can give us a true definition of what the word actually means. Some of us see love when they have a long-term partner who is always there for them; whilst others believe that feeling can happen at first sight.On a more basic level, we can find love for our parents and the people around us who have stuck with us and have always been there when we needed them. This is probably the most logical way to see love; as a feeling that grows overtime; based on the fact that we can trust that person and that they will always be there for us. But in reality, a lot of people do confuse love with other feelings.

Lust is strong!

Lust is not only strong but also addictive. When a man thinks: “I want to fuck tonight”, there is a sense of urgency as though the act has to happen soon. That is because sex can bring very strong feelings; after all it is something that makes us feel so good that it becomes a need rather than a want. Once something becomes a need, we just require it regularly as part of our routine; and not getting it will bring on symptoms of withdrawal; like love can do when we miss our partner. This is why some people will confuse the two feelings; because their intensity is can be on a similar level.


Very similar to love, this is a feeling we get when we fancy somebody. As we talk to them; their manners grow on us and we start to really enjoy that person; from the way they talk to the way they move; all those things get to us and make us really fancy that person. However this is different than love; and a lot of people do confuse the two. Infatuation is often seen in movies and novels and it is described by many writers as being love; but the truth is that it is a different feeling altogether. At first we get infatuated and then spending enough time with this person; we might get to feel love knowing that that person will always be there for us. But again, it depends on the people; and the truth is that there is no real definition for love for a reason: it is such a broad subject which covers many feelings; and as such it is no wonder why people often get confused about its true meaning.

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