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How to discover your London escorts’s favourite sex position

Hoping to book a London escort for a night of fun? One of the best ways to make sure she’s enjoying it as much as you are is to learn more about her favourite sex positions.

When you’re just together for a night, though, that can be fairly tough to do. How can you get her to open up a bit and tell you more? These tips may help.

Ask her

Sometimes it’s best to be pretty direct with an escort. You want to know what she really likes, and some London escorts are pretty open about telling you what turns them on. Luckily, you don’t have to be delicate about the subject when you’re spending time with an escort.

If you truly want to know what she loves, come right out and ask her when the moment is right. Tell her that you want this to be a pleasurable experience for both of you, and she’s more likely to open up to you and share what really gets her moving in bed.

Be Creative

Another way to get to know what she likes while you’re together is to avoid the standard positions and get a bit creative in bed.

Keep in mind that creative doesn’t always have to mean off-the-wall. Instead, sometimes simple changes can make all the difference in the world. Instead of being in bed, why not try something like being up against the wall?

Consider all of the possibilities before you move forward. Moreover, you don’t have to stay in one spot. Instead, move around the room, or the house, as you spend some time together.

If you’re not sure exactly what you should try next, spend some time looking online for various positions. Don’t worry – you don’t always even have to visit questionable websites to get the information you’re looking for.

Many magazines, including big titles like Cosmo offer quick guides on sex positions to try, and some of those could be the perfect way to get the ideas you need.

Even better, check out

Try various things to decide what she really likes, and once you’ve discovered it, be sure to employ the fruits of your discovery in future sessions. It will make the two of you much happier just being together.

Pay Attention

This is perhaps the most important way to discover what she really likes when you’re together.

Unfortunately, men aren’t always good at this step. The key is to look to her body language as the two of you spend time together. If she’s relatively still and doesn’t have any real reaction on her face, you probably haven’t discovered a position she really likes. If she’s grinding against you, though, or she happens to look more excited when you start with a different position, that’s a good cue that she’s happy.

Watch for other cues too like increased breathing, additional movement and petting, or making noise. If you’re seeing signals like those, you’ve found one of her favourite sex positions.

If you’re ready to spend the evening with a great London escort, but you want her to have fun too, the single best thing you can do is follow the tips above.

She’ll want you to book another night as much as you want to see her again.

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