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Good, Bad and Ugly Outcomes of Drunk Sex

Alcohol can either be really good for sex, or really really bad. Drunk sex can be halted by a number of factors, such as impotence: a man’s inability to keep his wood also known as “Whiskey dick”. It’s a very real condition and it happens to the best of us at the worst of times. One we hope you never have to experience during drunk sex is the inadvertent bodily functions that might happen when you fill your body with too much alcohol and then add excessive humping. Ew. Gross. These are of course only two horrible hypothetical situations but a lot can go right when you and your partner have lowered your inhabitations through boozing together. Here are a few of the pros and cons of having sex while intoxicated.

The good

–      You’re more relaxed and comfortable when you’re drunk.

–      Since you’re more relaxed and comfortable, guess what, you’re probably feeling a lot more confident and sexy. You may be feeling like a sex goddess or nympho. You may feel audacious enough to try new things or things you’d usually be too reserved to do like visiting a strip club, brothel, escort or engaging in some light bondage or getting busy on the park bench.

–      Thanks to the power of alcohol, your only motivation will most likely be horniness, instead of logic or reason. You’ll probably end up killing it in the dirty talking game with that confidence from the juice.

The bad

–      You’re insanely confident. That confidence has now said that you can easily try that sex move you’ve been reading about. Well guess what, because you were “I got this”, you ended up getting accidently kneed in the family jewels because you slipped off the bed with your partner on top of you. If you’re trying new moves, we recommend doing them sober. Worse yet, if you and your partner got liquid courage coursing through your blood stream and visited one of the above businesses, you’ll most likely get arrested for drunk and disorderly conduct. YIKES!

–      You’re so relaxed and comfortable you end up falling asleep or you lose wood. In addition to the well-known “whiskey dick” problem, alcohol also negatively affects a woman’s ability to stay wet. Dry humping skin on skin is not pleasing at all.

–      Being driven by your drunken libido leaves you susceptible to making bad decisions. Whether it’s hooking up with someone you definitely shouldn’t, or going for gold in a place you shouldn’t. Drunken antics usually have a troubling ending.

The ugly

 –       Like we mentioned at the beginning, you are a slave to unexpected bodily functions. A slightly queasy stomach may try to expel its contents all of a sudden, especially if you’re poking at a gag reflex? Nothing like vomiting on someone rather than just giving them head. And don’t even mention the untrustworthy fart. We say, never trust a fart! That’ll never end well unless the other person actually likes farts and brown showers. Probably best not to find that out the hard way though.

Sometimes drunk sex could be great, other times it’ll be pretty horrible. It is the chance we take that make us these weird horny beings. So if you think someone is too intoxicated to make a proper decision, don’t do it. Just stay safe people!

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