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Extremely useful tips that you need to know on using adult sex toys

It needs no mention that sex toys are an interesting addition to your sex life, whether solo or with your partner. With the increasing popularity of adult sex toys, they become much less awesome if you don’t take good care of them. Playing with the wrong lube, not washing your toy in the right way and storing it in the wrong place can lead to various issues, ranging from distortion of the toy or a shorter life span or even infection in your private parts.

There are definitely few things that you need to know about sex toys before you start playing with them. If you use them after being informed, you will avoid incurring any kinds of diseases or other issues. So, ensure watching out for the best toys in the market to make them unique. Here are few tips to consider.

  • Wash your toys everytime you use them

Yes, even though you have used it only on yourself and you’ve still not used it with your partner, it is advisable that you wash the toys properly. It is seen that toys which are washed after every use, usually last longer. In case you’re someone who doesn’t wash it, the material can deteriorate, it can get discolours and if you store such an unwashed toy with other toys, the former will contaminate the latter.

  • Wash your toys before every use as well

No matter how much you remember that you had washed it the last time you used it, you should still wash it when you use it again. The sex toys may come in touch with pet hair, lint or some other types of bacteria when they’re stored somewhere. Once you penetrate with the toys, the bacteria enter your body. However, if you choose to store the thing in the right place, then this is just an advice which you may or may not follow.

  • Select the right soap for washing your sex toys

Experts suggest users to some kind of mild and unscented soap and they also add that you don’t need to opt for the anti-bacterial option.  You may use it as a precaution but they can end up leaving a residue which could be harmful. For a more discreet option, you can even use a toy cleaner which is a liquid formula that you apply on the toy and then soon if you wipe it off, it can neutralize all bacteria and won’t even harm the material of the toy.

  • Identify the material of the toy

The world of sex toys is huge and there are abundance of choices and options. This article speaks mostly about dildos, vibrators, beads, plugs or mostly those items which go inside you. Such toys come in different materials and they can be divided into 2 categories, non-porous and porous. The former one can be shared safely as bacteria can’t penetrate the surfaces while the latter are more absorbent.

Therefore, before you buy Cirilla’s adult sex toys online or you visit an offline store for one, make sure you know all the above mentioned things and you’re able to handle it properly.

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