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Do you get attached too often?

Love works in mysterious ways, we have all heard that before. More than just hearing about it, we know that what works for ones doesn’t work for the other, and this can definitely be applied to the world of modern online dating. Some of us feel love and we want someone we can get attached to, but with other people attachment is unrequired. In that situation, people just want to have fun, and they want to stay away from the emotional complications that love can bring to the table.

No strings?

A lot more people these days are just interested in having a bit of no strings sex fun, it is a tendency that is on the rise. That is because life is changing, and the tradition of getting married is getting less appealing. Too many divorces, too many responsibilities and simply not enough time; those are the main reasons why people prefer a more casual approach to dating. This doesn’t mean that people are losing the ability to commit, but they are definitely moving away from those traditional values. The great news is that the internet is there to help us all to find the partner that fills our needs.

No attachment

This is probably one of the biggest hurdles about dating someone seriously: we get attached and unavoidably we get hurt when things go wrong. When we get hurt we feel bitter and we often project our negative feelings back onto our next partner. This creates a vicious circle of going through the same mistakes, and we can go through many more relationships doing the same errors all over. This is why not getting attached works best for some of us, as it allows us not to transfer any negative experiences onto our next partners.

Plenty of fun

Having a good time is an important part of life, and we often underestimate how much it helps us to go through our days. Having fun doesn’t always mean long-term happiness, but at least we enjoy what we do on the moment. It is this appreciation of the present that helps us to focus on the moment, so we are not obsessing about the past or being too apprehensive of the future. In other words it is all about living on the moment and making the most of what life has to offer; a very wise way to be.

Variety is great

Because you don’t have to stick to the one partner, you are free to have a good time with as many different people as you can; as long as you are safe and protected of course. Going on a date with one person is always unique and by having more than one partner you get to appreciate people a whole lot more than you might think. Even if commitment is not your thing you will meet people who give you deeper feelings than lust; despite not trying to get attached. So just do your best to stick to your guns and enjoy as much fun as you can, life is too short!

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