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Safety Issues with Madrid Escorts and in Luxury Barcelona Clubs

Dealing with an escort whether privately or in a club can be a risky task. Number one, you don’t know the person who is escorting you. You have no idea about her background or even that person’s real name. It would appear rather foolish, in that case, to divulge any ...

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Can You Hire an Escort in Sydney?

You can hire an escort in Sydney and not have to worry about a thing. It is completely legal and part of an industry that has had a long history in Australia and more specifically New South Wales. It wasn’t always legal and the law was only changed a few ...

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Dave knew from long personal experience that running an escort agency was not the quick route to fantastic riches that everyone assumed it to be. It took a lot of time, investment, effort and pain to make a decent amount of profit. And a business with bricks and mortar and ...

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Some Escorts Are Like This

I work with lots of escorts from all over the world. They represent a fair cross section of the female population. Some are hard working, some are lazy. Some are entitled and feel that the world owes them a living. Others have a problem with their self esteem and need ...

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