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6 Misconceptions About Strippers Busted

The media paints a wrong notion about strippers. This is probably the reason why we ‘normal’ people make a certain idea about them in our heads without actually knowing their story. The only stories we can think of maybe ‘absolutely broke and homeless at certain point’ or ‘having troubled parents’ or anything scornful enough. People have a lot of misconceptions about strippers and the industry. Let’s shed some light on some of these myths.

#Myth1: They make a lot of money

Most people assume that they chose to give into such a controversial profession for the sake of quick money. This may be a bit misdirected because it depends on a lot of factors. It’s a vulnerable business where there is no fixed pay or any other benefits like health insurance. Some nights they make $50 and some nights $1000. If one takes a sick leave, there’s no pay for the day. Also, in most of the clubs, at least all of them in NY, Strippers need to pay an in-house rent which can go from $50 to $250 per night.

#Myth2: They are all alcohol or drug addicts

People can be addicted to alcohol, weed or drugs but they cannot be stereotyped to a single profession. People are doing it despite of being in other ‘decent jobs’. As much as you will find strippers getting wasted, you will also find many refusing to take these things.

#Myth3: Stripers are stripping because they have nothing else to do

Why they chose to become an exotic dancer can have more reasons than you know. Some of them want to pay off their college loans more quickly than what regular jobs would have allowed. For some, it’s their passion which took them to these places. Pole dancing is an art form which requires strength and flexibility like acrobatics.

#Myth4: Strippers are unhygienic

This one is an absolute among all the misconceptions about strippers. If you think logically, they are professionals who are trying to give out the best service. They have to make a good show off their skins. So they constantly have to be attractive enough for their different clients. So keeping clean is rule no. 1.

# Myth 5: You can do whatever you want with them if you pay

They are only dancers and strictly dancing for some visual treat. Inappropriately touching or expecting any ‘extra’ service is plain disrespectful.

#Myth6: They can’t sustain relationships

Just because they have to deal with a lot of lustful men every night and for the kind of job they are doing, it doesn’t mean they can’t have meaningful romantic relationships. They are human beings with emotions and who value their loved ones. There are many strippers happily married.

Dancing in scanty clothing in a shady club in front of all creepy men luring, dealing with nasty rude comments, is definitely not a dream job but surely a challenging one. For them, it is a choice. Whether you make an opinion about them or just let them be, they don’t even care. But on our part, can we be a bit more human?

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