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Good, Bad and Ugly Outcomes of Drunk Sex

Alcohol can either be really good for sex, or really really bad. Drunk sex can be halted by a number of factors, such as impotence: a man’s inability to keep his wood also known as “Whiskey dick”. It’s a very real condition and it happens to the best of us ...

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Electro-sex: Stimulate your senses

What’s electro-sex? Is it something like having sex with Storm from the X-Men? GOD, we hope so! But no. Although it could be somewhat similar to it. Electro-sex also known as erotic electrostimulation or e-stim involves applying electric stimulation on your sensitive body parts for arousal and eventually orgasm. Is ...

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7 effectual tips for dating the Brazilian Women

It is very unfortunate that most brothers from the western countries have managed to lose beauties from Brazil all due to ignorance. The mistake that men make is thinking that all women are the same without considering they originate from different countries. This influences their perception towards life and dating. ...

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